October 23 – Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge- a view of one of the colleges

A short 45 minute train ride from London is Cambridge, England.  What a beautiful town!  All the buildings are hundreds of years old- walking around the courtyards made me want to sit under a tree and read and maybe go back to school. Maybe.  At Cambridge University, the students with the top grades get to choose their dorms first- a great incentive!  People will know you’re lazy/dumb if you live in an ugly building!

We enjoyed a delicious English lunch at Auntie’s Tea Shop along with some afternoon tea. It was another beautiful day and we walked through most of the colleges – Saint John’s was the most impressive if you ever have the opportunity to visit.

The highlight of the day was punting. It is similar to paddleboats or gondolas, but you sit on these flat boats with a bunch of other tourists and a student “punts” you around the river Cam.  It was very relaxing and offered great views of the various colleges.

Cheers Mate!


2 thoughts on “October 23 – Cambridge

  1. Janine Allenson says:

    What an awesome opportunity for you to get some travel in, and be able to work at the same time! Happy Birthday, and we look forward to some more posts!

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