October 24 – Victoria’s Guide to English Words

Upper deck view from the 22 to Piccadilly Circus

Today I slept in- hopefully I am completely adjusted to the time now.  I decided to go to the Tate Modern to get some culture to make up for my unproductive morning.  Okay… I feel some unhappy people coming my way after I say this, but the Tate is awful.  Massive concrete, dark, and cold building filled with depressing art I could have mastered in kindergarten that leaves you wondering, “why?”  To be fair, I have never been a fan of modern art.  However, the MOMA is in a beautiful historical building and the Pompidou Centre has awesome inside-out features so I don’t mind visiting them.  Anyway- I’m done talking about the Tate.  The rest of my day was wonderful- I walked over the Millennium Bridge and had lunch at the same Pizza Express as the last time I was in London with Emily and Madison! Memories =)

I walked around Fulham and Chelsea for a few hours and as I explored, I overheard some funny English phrases.  I thought I should share some of them:

Happy Days! = Awesome

Snogging = Kissing

Tramp = Homeless person

Tube = Subway

Alight here = Get off tube

Uni = College/University

Rubbish = Trash

Lou = Bathroom

Bollocks = Darn it

Cheers mate! = Thank you/ Goodbye

Mental! = That’s crazy!

When in doubt, describe things as “brilliant!” and don’t eat the black pudding.



PS:  I’d like to leave you with the Tate’s description of a mirror hanging on the wall: “Since the Renaissance, painting has often been likened to a window upon the world, with central perspective given the view a sense of surveying what is contained within the picture frame.  In a bold gesture Art & Language turn this century-old convention upside down by replacing painting’s surface with a mirror.  Rather than look at an image of the artist’s making, viewers are now confronted with themselves, thereby questioning the long-held notion that painting transcending reality.” Although I can’t say I felt confronted, it was nice to make sure my hair looked good!

5 thoughts on “October 24 – Victoria’s Guide to English Words

  1. Steve Devine says:

    You just made my afternoon! Such a great sense of humor! Happy to see you are enjoying your trip. I don’t know if we are supposed to comment on your blog or not, but it is a nice way to say hello each day! best to M, AK sends love too! US

  2. Milton Walberg says:

    Your grandmother added me to your list. I really enjoy the updates. The pictures are great, but your comments make it all happen. Nice job.


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