October 28 – Still No Pippa Sighting

This is the view from LivingSocial's Apartment Building Roof... Beautiful!

Well, today is my last day in London.  And what, you ask, did I do all day? I tried to fit in everything I’ve enjoyed so far: breakfast at Paul, Bond Street shopping, lunch at Pizza Express (By the way I have no idea how Europeans drink at lunch – after a glass of wine all I wanted to do was nap!), a little exploring, and a local pub for dinner.

I am also really excited to be in London on this historic day – British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that “sons and daughters of British monarchs will have an equal right to the throne under changes to the United Kingdom’s succession laws agreed to today.”  This is BRILLIANT because if Prince William and Duchess Catherine have a baby girl first…. she will one day be queen! Speaking of good looking Brits, I have not seen Pippa wandering the streets of London.  Based on the tabloids I was under the assumption she is always walking around! Bollocks!

Tomorrow Madison and I are flying to Budapest which should be a great adventure!



2 thoughts on “October 28 – Still No Pippa Sighting

  1. Joe Devine says:

    Speaking of sightings…

    It would be nice to see a picture of you in one of these daily photo blogs. Let’s see Madison’s picture taking skills.

    Hope you enjoy eastern Europe! Love Dad!

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