October 29 – Travel day to Budapest

At Joe's request, here is a picture of me being a goof in London. Guest Photographer: Madison Calvert.

Hello from Budapest (Sziasztok)!

Here is an itinerary of my day:

8:30am wake up and finish packing/cramming clothes into backpack

9:45am taxi to train station (very windy drive to St Pancreas)

10:15am breakfast at Paul (again)

10:30am train to Luton

11:00am bus to Luton Airport

12:40pm flight delayed until 2:00pm

5:15pm arrive in Budapest (hour difference)

6:15pm finally get checked luggage

6:30pm bus to metro

6:45pm metro to city center

7:10pm arrive at Maverick hostel

7:45pm dinner FINALLY

9:00pm beer tasting at hostel (homemade beer- I was very impressed!)

We are very tired, but very happy to be in Budapest.  So far, the hostel is great (an old Habsburg mansion), and the city looks beautiful (hard to tell in the dark).  My other observations thus far: EasyJet is not that “easy,” Budapest is not as cold as I thought it would be (thank youuu!), and riding the oldest underground metro was pretty cool (bucket list?). I enjoyed my EdelWiess beer at dinner, and I’m looking forward to some excellent coffee at breakfast.

Good night!

-Sleepy V

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