November 1 – The Salzburg Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Palace and lake used in filming for the Sound of Music outside scenes, located right outside Salzburg.

Part of every trip has to be cheesy, right?  Well today, I knocked that off the list with a Sound of Music bus tour.  We left Vienna this morning and hopped on the train to Salzburg, which provided scenic views of small towns wedged into hillsides painted bright with the fall foliage.  It was a foggy morning, and the ride was eerie at some points (very appropriate for All Saints Day).  Once we arrived in Salzburg though, we had sun and blue sky – a rarity in these parts as our guide told us that most days are overcast.

My sisters and I loved watching the Sound of Music as little girls, and “These are a few of my favorite things” was definitely a Devine favorite, not to mention we all loved Julie Andrews.  Since the movie was why I even thought about visiting Salzburg, I figured it couldn’t hurt to join a tour which would also offer views of the surrounding hills we wouldn’t be able to see without renting a car. Unfortunately, the tour was pretty painful.  It was sing-a-long.  [As a side note, all sing-a- long tours should start in a local pub. Otherwise, count me out!]

This region of Austria, which is literally right on the German border, is so picturesque, and I was frustrated that I didn’t have control over where we were stopping for photo opportunities. Needless to say, I still have some great photos and Madison and I enjoyed some apple strudel and coffee mélanges in Mondsee, a very quaint Austrian town situated right on a lake so clean you can drink right from it.

Tomorrow morning we are waking up early and touring the Salzburg city center before hopping on a seven hour train to Venice!

Adieu Adieu to you and you and you!


PS: To anyone familiar with the film, I just wanted to point out that at the end, when the Von Trapp family is escaping to the other side of the hills, they were running straight to a stronghold of the Third Reich – not Switzerland. Suckers!

5 thoughts on “November 1 – The Salzburg Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

  1. Steve Devine says:

    You really could be onto something with this blog thing, even think of writing a book? You could write a lot of it from coffeehouse’s (independent ones, not those global chains…) and people could read them at coffeehouses around the world (even in those global chains, hey book sales is what is important!!) and you will already have so many awesome photographs!!!

    Miss you lots – best to M – Love US & AK

  2. xandreverkes says:

    Gorgeous!!! I LOVED that movie… It’s been years since I’ve watched it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be able to remember most of the words!! 😉 This photograph is really beautiful!! 🙂 **

  3. Debbie Devine says:

    Victoria, I love this photo it is sooo beautiful!!! I do laugh out loud when I read your blogs, too.
    Love you and miss you!!

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