November 11 – Paris et macarons

Looking toward Place Saint-Michel from Pont Neuf

It was chilly today! I think I have rosy cheeks and a cold expression in all the photos, but it was great walking around Paris, even on a day so cloudy the Eiffel Tower was nowhere to be seen. Today we walked to the Arc de Triumph to hop on the metro over to the Musèe d’Orsay (my favorite museum) but were surprised to see the Champs Elysees closed off, and President Sarkozy addressing people gathered to remember France’s fallen soldiers.  We stayed for a little, and then headed over to the left bank.

Unfortunately, the line for the museum would have taken us 2-3 hours so we are hoping to go tomorrow morning instead. The Orsay is close to where I used to live, so we spent the day in the 5th and 6th arrondissements visiting all the places I used to frequent. Rue Dauphine is just as I remember it, and I even let myself into the old courtyard to look around. I walked past Pont Neuf (my favorite bridge), Amorino Gelato (too cold to eat but looking as amazing as ever), Café du Buci, the Dauphine patisserie I bought my breakfast at, and along the bus route I used to take to class. We tried to go to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Les Temps Perdu, but were sadly disappointed when we arrived.  The windows were broken and covered in graffiti, and looked to have been closed for months. This place had the best onion soup, and trust me, I have sampled a lot of onion soup.

Sad, but hopeful I’d find another good lunch spot, Madison and I stumbled upon the cutest little restaurant close to Notre Dame called Degres de Notre Dame.  There, we enjoyed a perfect bowl of onion soup and a warm goat cheese salad. We stayed for almost two hours, taking our time like the French so love to do. After, we walked up Boulevard Saint Germain to Rue de Seine to my favorite macaron patisserie, Gerald Mulot.  When you walk in you are greeted with rows of brightly colored petit macarons in so many flavors it is hard to choose.  We ate our dessert in the Jardins de Luxembourg, which was cold, but beautiful. I think my favorite flavor was caramel with fleur de sel, and Madison liked the chocolate nutella. =)

Paris is just as I remember it, and I am so happy I chose to study abroad here.  Best decision ever, and lots of great memories.  One more day to explore tomorrow then it’s back to reality!



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