November 15 – Adjusting

Dupont Foliage

I have had a lot of adjustments recently, and not just to the time difference.  I now am working for Johnny Rockets, helping manage their social media. Starting a new job always brings a learning curve, and on top of that, I am learning how to work remotely.  It is very different from an office environment, and definitely requires discipline (which I have) and intense organization (working on). I think once I am caught up on the company basics, the organization will come more easily. Today, I cleared a space for myself to work at my desk (progress!) and tomorrow, putting all the papers and odds and ends away (out of sight out of mind).

One thing I need to make sure I do is to get out of my apartment.  I am used to walking to work, and having time to wake up and get some fresh air before diving into deliverables. Tomorrow I am going for a walk when I wake up to help get the juices flowing. =)

The picture today is of the street behind my building, Corcoran Street.  DC foliage is at its height right now, and I saw these bright yellow leaves on my way back from the grocery store. They reminded me of last year when I had some “visitors” for a Redskins game and we found a parking spot right where that van is parked.  It’s hard to believe that was a year ago!



2 thoughts on “November 15 – Adjusting

  1. Nana says:

    How exciting to know I have two relatives working for JR. Perhaps, when they find themselves up in this neck of the woods, I will enjoy lots of free meals.

    Loads of love,

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