November 17 – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Taxation without Representation

In solidarity with the NYC protests, today the DC Occupy Wall Street protestors staged a march from the Key Bridge to McPherson Square.  On my way to a wine tasting at Potenza (BEST Italian in town) with L-Dart, I decided swing by the White House to see the action.  I figured there would be raucous protestors and reporters hot on the scene.  I could see my breath in the dark as I walked towards the White House, and I realized I could hear my boots clicking on the sidewalk.  All was quiet.  The news must have been elsewhere in the city.

There was only a small group of people congregated in front of the Obamas’ residence.  They were not rowdy, or in your face, or taking over your parks. They held candles, an American flag, and a flag reading “Taxation without Representation” – a silent reminder that DC residents do not have any voting members in Congress. While DC gained the spotlight briefly in April when there were discussions about DC budget autonomy and voting rights, nothing happened.  I was not expecting to see people gathered tonight about this issue, but I was happy to see them there.  In DC, there is always someone trying to push their agenda on you, and although it can feel abrasive at times, I enjoy living among such passionate people. Unfortunately, some issues in this town take a backseat more often than not, and I’m glad there are people out there still fighting to give me a vote. I just wish there was more talk about it.

So start talking!


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