November 18 – Urbana

Miss Urbana

Ok, sooner or later I had to introduce you to les chats.  Today, I got a great shot of Urbana so I figured it was time. Madison and I adopted her last September, right after we moved in together.  We were at the DC animal shelter, and a couple of girls were in the adoption room with us, and when they saw this cute little black cat they shrieked “Eww who would want a black cat?” Well, she went home with us shortly after that.

Her name is from Urban, which we wanted to call her because she was a street kitty in DC, but then we thought it sounded too masculine and added an “a.” At the time, I did not know of the restaurant Urbana in DC which is rather delicious.

Urbananow has a brother named Dumbledore after my great uncle… just kidding. OBVIOUSLY it’s a Harry Potter name, it’s me… what did you expect??

We saved Dumbledore’s life twice, but I will explain that in a future post.  For now, just know that I am a crazy cat lady who lives for cats, doesn’t stop talking about cats, and who prefers feline companionship.

That was painful to write – I hate the stigma that goes with having kitties for pets.  For the record, I am an animal lover and love love love both of my family’s golden retrievers.  However, I don’t have to take the cats out at night to go peepeepoopoo, they make me laugh, and I appreciate how you have to earn their affection, unlike dogs who will love anyone who pets them.

Á demain!


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