November 23 – Timberrrrrrr

Goodbye Mr. Oak

I love the holidays, and it was great coming home today to fudge, pies, and the fam. Oh, and ten guys in hard hats running around my yard chopping down trees. They were the friendliest, most efficient workers I’ve seen in a while and Im guessing it’s because they aren’t distracted by social media on the job. (I win! Social media IS my job!) They knew exactly what they were doing and when to do it.  Someone held the rope while someone climbed up the tree.  Someone used the chainsaw and someone tossed trunks into the woodchip machine.  They performed their tree dance around our yard and before we knew it they were gone, leaving us with a much more open backyard. (Less shade on the pool in the summer!!)  It was sad seeing the trees fall down, but to my tree-hugging friends out there, we still have a lot of CO2 absorbing giants left.  These were trees that were too close to the house and were potentially dangerous (i.e. tree that missed the house by mere feet during Hurricane Irene and crushed our pool fence). With more frequent severe storms (cough cough global warming) this is something we had to think about.

I think we are all a little envious of the lumberjacks.  They get to shimmy up trees and knock things down. Pretty awesome. I think I’ll leave you with that.


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