November 29 – 24 years old and I have my first corner office!

My corner *home* office

Welcome to my new office! It’s much different from my last little nook in the Cubefarm. I have a TV so I can stay updated on what’s happening in the world , six windows offering sunlight and fresh air, steam heat right next to my desk so my hands aren’t so cold I can’t type, and a kitchen down the hall with healthy food and lots of methods of cooking it! What else… no fire drills, GOOD coffee around the corner, oh- and no commute. So far, I haven’t even been lonely without coworkers to shout at over the cube walls.  Lunch and happy hours solve that problem!

Just wanted to share my new set-up! Clearly I am loving it!  If anyone has suggestions for organizing home offices please let me know. I’m thinking I need a great planner for 2012 and calendar to hang up next to my desk.


2 thoughts on “November 29 – 24 years old and I have my first corner office!

  1. Steve Devine says:

    Nice touch having the Johnny Rockets Facebook page open on the computer!! I do not, however see a photo of your favorite west coast aunt and uncle on the desk. And what is with CNN on the TV, doesn’t your cable provider offer a “Fair and Balanced” news alternative???

  2. Nana says:

    really cool! I do work in the walled in talking at one another with out sight atmosphere.
    the planner and calendar are a ‘must’. do you have plenty of sticky notes? they are very useful for those inspirational ideas.

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