November 30 – No cat naps for me

Dumbledore opened one eye as if to say "REALLY? You are waking me up for a picture?"

I am a very tired girl so I am going to make this short and sweet.  Working from home definitely has its perks.  However, I now share an “office” with this guy. And he enjoys sleeping all day long on MY bed. I spent a good portion of my day envious of his napping habits. I worked a very long day but am happy to announce I was very productive (does this make up for the fact that you can see how poorly I made my bed this morning?).

Tomorrow I am attending the PR News Facebook Conference which I am very excited about!  Not only will I get to step out of the office but I will get to meet other people excited by social media and hopefully learn some new tricks.

Goodnight! I am kicking the furry guy off and reclaiming my territory.


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