December 6 – GWU Alumna

The Beautiful Kristin and her Partner in Crime, Joe!

These guys appear to love their condiments! This photo was taken at Upper Crust a (pricey) Boston pizza chain that somehow made its way to Foggy Bottom. We went to dinner together (Madison is not pictured and is rather unhappy about it- your fame on the V Life will come MR. C!) after the GWU Alumni Holiday Party.  It’s crazy to think we are no longer the most recent class to graduate! As long as I am in DC, I will (and you can hold me to this) attend every possible free event – especially those with open bars.  It is my way of justifying the GW price tag (which yes I think was worth it, but painful all the while).

It was an interesting turnout tonight and a lot of classes were represented.  Still, I didn’t “run into” anyone very familiar from the class of 2010 and I am rather disappointed. Anyone from SMPA? I was, however, excited to be able to talk about my new position working in social media at Johnny Rockets- everyone seemed pretty interested in what I do for them.

I thought it was appropriate to post this picture because Kristin and I are not only GWU grads together, but also recently celebrated out 5 year high school reunion together.


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