December 14 – Meet the Team

It was a GREAT Day at Johnny Rockets! Today I met almost everyone I’m now working with – it’s much better knowing who I am emailing and calling each week.  I think our team if going to do great things this year and I am very excited to work with everyone!

Auntie Kelly and I went to DSW after she picked me up in Aliso Viejo and we both took home the cutest shoes!  Isn’t it wonderful when you find exactly what you’re looking for? Now tomorrow I will have season and event – appropriate shoes to wear for the LivingSocial holiday party.

It was so nice spending time with Auntie Kelly these last couple of days! It is always such a treat visiting the CA Devines and enjoying the West Coast pace for a while. The drive through the hills and over Saddleback Mountain was beautiful this morning on our way to the office.  The light was just perfect and we got to see the cows eating and horses roaming the hills.  Missing Uncle Steve though, and I’m happy he’s on his way home for the rest of the year! Early flight in the AM from LAX.


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