December 17 – Chai me

Yola Chai


Yola is celebrating its one year anniversary this week.  Madison and I stopped in today to warm up after a little Dupont Circle holiday shopping.  We both ordered small chais which were $4 each (and made of Oregon chai concentrate which I just bought from Trader Joes – growl). I will say that they created the perfect milk – chai concentrate proportions which I give them a lot of credit for.

This fall, I would stop in on my way to work (when I needed a treat) and bought their homemade pumpkin spice latte which was delicious. Fall in a mug. ALSO I have to say this (Lauren, yes I am STILL talking about this!): Yola is where I first had an oatmeal parfait for breakfast.  It is my breakfast of choice and typical breakfast du jour. All you have to do to make it yourself is prepare some oatmeal (not too liquidy).  Plop some Greek yogurt on top with fruit and add honey to taste.  I like to add strawberries on top, or cook blueberries/bananas into the oatmeal. SO GOOD I’m hungry for breakfast now just talking about this.

Tomorrow I will stop by Yola for free coffee tasting at 1pm (yay!). In the photo above, our mugs sit in front of Yola’s back window, which looks right out onto 19th street just a few blocks from where I live.



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