December 24 – If you give a moose a muffin

Chocolate Mousse Cookies!

These moose (mousse) (moose?) cookies required a lot of patience which we all know is sometimes hard for the V monster.  However, Baby G got me through these batches and they came out adorable.

Today was great.

I made cookies, wrapped more gifts, caught up with Sarah, went to Christmas Eve service, and enjoyed an Italian Seven Fish dinner, complete with Italian desserts from Federal Hill.  Mom and Dad woke up early and stood in the freezing cold this morning for 45 minutes to buy us the goodies. This was the first time we tried this Italian tradition, but with Mom and Dad going to Italy this year, it seemed appropriate.  Our seven fishes: tuna, salmon sushi (which I TRIED!), baked stuffed shrimp, stuffies, clams casino, crab dip, and Flavor Blasted® Goldfish® Crackers.

We finished the night watching a home video from Christmas 1994 which was clearly an EPIC day… Santa brought me Lion King figurines and Jenny the Gymnast, Rachel got a cradle for Rachel doll, Angela got a grill and served everyone dozens of hot dogs at 7 am, and Gabriella at one year old someone kept up with us all using a waddle/crawl combo.

Good night and Merry Christmas!



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