January 4 – The Caffeine Queen

Seven Stars Latte and Lemon Cake


Today my mom introduced me to a great coffee shop in Providence called Seven Stars Bakery.  Their lattes are the best I’ve had in Rhode Island, and their bread and pastries are delicious.  We absolutely loved the lemon cake – it was super moist in the center!

I also met Lori at Custom House on Main Street to catch up – it’d been way too long! They make a delicious chai, and it felt so cozy sitting by the window.  Lori is now the owner of the Laughing Elephant Yoga Studio in East Greenwich, RI.  It is such a cute place – if you practice yoga you need to check it out!

My third coffee stop of the day was Main Street Coffee, the coffee wine bar that is the official “catching up” spot for high school friends (replaced Felicia’s Coffee which became nasty over the past few years).  I enjoyed a second chai with Gary who caught me up on all the EG gossip.

Three coffee shops in one day. Awesome!


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