January 7 – A Mild Winter’s Walk on the Beach

Water Receding


Today it was 60⁰. In January. We’ll take it!

We went for a long walk at East Matunick Beach this afternoon.  It was so beautiful out – the blues in the sky and water were crisp and the sun was bright.  Looking at the water, the ocean was calm but so clear! It looked very inviting and made us wish it were summertime again.  We found some pretty purple quahog shells and sea glass in the sand on our walk.  We always find more in the winter when they stop raking the sand.

We brought Luna with us and she had a blast, reminding us of how much Cinia loved exploring the beach. She is curled up right now sleeping deeply, tuckered out from frolicking and fresh air. Actually, as I look around, we are all tired and snuggling on the couch.

On our walk it was hard to miss all the signs of erosion.  I don’t know if Hurricane Irene is mostly to blame, but the sand dunes now stand tall with jagged edges where the water ate away at their slopes.  The homes on stilts now don’t look so high and some don’t look like they will survive another summer. We love our beach (best kept secret in Rhode Island) but it is definitely changing.

Loving the Ocean State!


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