January 11 – DC Restaurant Week

Dessert at 1789


Madison and I went to 1789 for the first time during DC Restaurant Week in 2010, and since it was so delicious we decided to go back again this year. It is the cutest little restaurant, and has wonderful food.  Tonight, I had a kohlrabi and sausage soup which was very light but flavorful, steak with turnip puree, and an upside down cake with rum ice cream.  It was perfect – I left 1789 full, but not stuffed. They paired wine with each course, and predictably, the red wine (couldn’t hear what kind) from Australia was my favorite.  It was paired with my main course and it complemented the dinner nicely.  The Riesling seemed like an odd pairing with the soup, but I liked that it wasn’t super sweet.  I had one sip of my dessert wine – I don’t like sweet wine, I’d rather just have another glass of red with a piece of chocolate for dessert.

1789 is adorable, and on this rainy night it seemed extra cozy.  The decor makes you feel like you are right at home, and the staff is all smiles and go out of their way to help you. 1789 is the year Georgetown University was founded, the year of the French revolution, and the year the U.S. ratified the constitution. All in all, a pretty significant year. =)

I am very content curcled up on the couch after dining in my favorite DC restaurant, so thank you Madison, and thank you restaurant week!

Yummy in my tummy,



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