January 14 – Hard Night Good Morning

Hard Night, Good Morning at Whole Foods

My cousin Kristin invited me to the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods today to support her friend and college roommate, D’Andra Simmons, who sells a line of lotions there.  Her brand, Hard Night Good Morning includes all the necessities to keep your skin feeling good at night and in the morning.  Everything smelled good, and my hands feel super smooth where D’Andra applied samples of her products. Check out her website: http://www.hardnightgoodmorning.com/.

It was a beautiful day, and Madison and I enjoyed walking to Whole Foods (he had never been to the Foggy Bottom location). We ended up buying some local honey which should help with our allergies! We also walked over to Logan Circle for a guesthouse estate sale.  We bought some wine and drinking glasses, and probably would have walked away with a lot more had most of the furniture not already been sold. This house was huge! It previously housed a dance studio, a grainery, and a funeral home. What a history! I wonder what will happen to the space now…

Off to Buffalo Billiards soon to watch the Patriots kick some Bronco butt!


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