January 16 – DC Metro #fixwmata

Result of Single Tracking - on MLK Day

Okay, I think most of you know I am no fan of the DC Metro.  Yes it’s clean, and mostly reliable during rush hour, but that’s it. If you want to take the metro any other time of day or on a weekend… you’re in trouble. The worst times to use metro are exactly when you need it: rainy days, weekends, three day weekends, or 100 degree weather. It is in a constant state of disrepair – escalators never work, and I’ve waited 45 minutes for the next train on multiple occasions. I appreciate not commuting for my job any more, and since I love walking I rarely take metro these days.  The last few times I rode metro, I had to carry my huge suitcase up the escalator and got booted off a train and forced to wait for the next which was 15 minutes away (see photo above).

I don’t want to keep complaining- I just think the public transportation system in our nation’s capital should be more in line with the 21st century. Traveling around this past fall, I saw how behind we are in transportation.  Europe’s high speed trains are so efficient and reliable, and I never waited more than 5 minutes for a metro in all the countries I visited. I guess I just expect more.  See below for some of my frustrated metro tweets. =)


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