January 30 – Hanging out with Obama

Watching Obama Google+ Hangout Live


So I walked past the White House today, but the closest I came to Mr. Obama was on my computer.  The White House held a Google+ Hangout for some people who submitted questions to Obama through YouTube, and live-streamed it for the rest of us to tune in. It was fantastic! For an hour, I watched him answer peoples’ questions candidly (and some were not afraid to keep pushing him).  A lot of questions were follow-ups to the State of the Union, and some hit home a little bit closer for me.  High school students brought up a question about paying back student loans, and in Obama’s response I learned that interest rates are scheduled to increase this summer.  I am calling on Congress to not let this happen! It is difficult enough paying back student loans never mind with interest rates rising!

Bravo to the White House for using new technologies to connect with the American people. Now I am in the mood for some West Wing reruns!


One thought on “January 30 – Hanging out with Obama

  1. Joe Devine says:

    It’s awesome that Obama uses the social media channels to communicate! It humanizes him and it’s great that he is accessible. Did you try to ask him a question?

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