January 31 – Occupy DC

Occupy DC Tents

I went for a walk to see the Occupy DC camp at McPherson Square because there are rumors the police are breaking them up soon. They have been there since October! I am all for free speech but I just don’t think this is working.  They are becoming like the people who live in front of the White House year round, protesting nuclear weapons. Do you think protesting works any more?  Think back to the 60’s… it was pretty effective then, but are public protests a thing of the past?

In some respects, I think yes – I have been avoiding this part of downtown because it stinks and I think it’s silly, but I haven’t really thought about them in any other way.  I still have a job, so it’s not on my mind.

We have seen excellent recent protests though, with SOPA.  There was nationwide support behind the movement to stop SOPA, and it’s because the information went viral.  I don’t think Occupy protests have been able to continue gathering support, so in my opinion they should stop camping in my city, go brainstorm other (more creative and innovative)* ways to make a point, and pleaseeee take a shower.  Seriously, it stinks over there.  Also, where do they go to the bathroom?  #curiosity



*I do have to point out that they had a great thing going on Twitter for a while… what happened!?


2 thoughts on “January 31 – Occupy DC

  1. Steve Devine says:

    Just curious, what protests in the 60’s were effective? Anti-war protests? Civil Rights protests? Sure these things changed over time, but can you really relate any of that change directly to the protests? Is the occupy protest even comparable?

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