February 3 – Soup du jour

A Delicious Minestrone Soup

Madison was sick and I was feeling run-down, so I made a minestrone soup with green beans, white beans, butternut squash, spinach, and onion.  Warmed us right up, and so good with garlic bread!

Last night we went to Oyamel with Madison’s work friends and we shared a pitcher of their Blood Orange Margaritas.  It is literally the best drink I have ever had.  It was so refreshing, and there was chile powder in it which made my lips tingle! Super hot! After a great dinner, we decided it was too early to call it a night and headed over to Poste and had a drink.  I tried a corpse reviver (not the best name) and loved this new drink as well. Gin and cointreau work wonderfully together – I want to try to make it myself! Bon Appetit just tweeted a recipe yesterday that I plan on making.

So – to steer the conversation away from food…we are thinking of canceling our cable (Comcast, I hate you so much) and buying a Netflix subscription instead.  We are in the middle of our free trial right now and and love it.  Thoughts?

We watched No Reservations (the Paris episode) through Netflix and decided we need to move there as soon as possible. Crepes and onion soup on my mind… and we’re back to food!


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