February 22 – Where am I?

The Spanish Steps in Washington DC

This photo is clearly photoshopped, but I liked the effect.  Now it almost looks like a piece of artwork.

Anyways… my title today is “Where am I” for TWO reasons.

#1: It is February and it is over 60 degrees.  I thought I was in DC.  Where am I?

#2: I am at the Spanish Steps in DC, not in Rome. (Whaaaat?!?) Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where in DC I took this photo.

Enjoy the weather folks!


6 thoughts on “February 22 – Where am I?

  1. Philippine says:

    I know exactly where you are, very close from my place (when I used to live in Kalorama Heights). You have the panda bear on your left as well as the Japanese smth institute ?
    Took these steps many time to go to Georgetown 🙂 héhéhéhéhé you brought me back.

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