February 25 – A Tour of DC

I survived Anacostia

Madison and I decided to rent a car this weekend and see more of DC.  Hertz gave us a free upgrade and we ended up with a silver Rav4 – the car and color I wanted so dearly when I was in high school (no disrespect, Sir Charles).  I was very excited to try it out finally!

We drove out to Tyson’s Corner and spent most of the early afternoon leisurely wandering around the shops.  We ended up buying a new cutting board and set of ceramic plates at West Elm that we badly needed.  I wish this store was closer to us, I loved everything they sold!

We decided to go grocery shopping at Harris Teeter in Pentagon City while we had the car, and ended up missing the exit and heading back into DC.  We thought it would be fun to drive around the different neighborhoods and started with the SW, near all the federal buildings.  We then drove down Pennsylvania and ended up going over “the bridge” to Anacostia.  I had never been to this part of the SE before so it was a great opportunity to look around.  While some of the buildings looked new, the schools we drove past were in such a state of disrepair they looked like the were condemned – very sad to see.

On our way back downtown we did a few loops around the new apartment buildings near Nationals Park, of course commenting on “there is literally NO one here,”  and “there is nothing to do here.”  I would like to go to the Fish Market this spring, but besides that, I don’t have a need to visit the SW and SE past Eastern Market.

We were trying to think of places to eat and decided while we had a car, H Street NE was a great option since it is so far removed from the rest of the city.  We drove around but couldn’t decide on a place and instead ended up in Columbia Heights. We ate at a place called the Heights, settling in at the bar and enjoying a few appetizers.  We were completely beat, and drove home to watch a movie.  We ended up watching St. Elmo’s Fire on Netflix, which is an 80’s movie about Georgetown grads trying to make the transition from student to professional. It was funny seeing so many famous actors in their younger days, and pointing out places we recognized in Georgetown.

When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to be visiting so many DC neighborhoods, but it was a great self-guided tour!


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