March 3 – Visiting The Tennessee Calverts

Madison and his Grandma, Olga Calvert, looking through old photos

Madison and I were planning on flying out to Nashville and driving to Memphis on Friday night, but there was a massive storm system over the Midwest and South of our country, with over 50 tornado warnings. We decided to fly out Saturday morning instead just to be safe.  We woke up before the sun, flew out of Reagan Airport, and found ourselves in a sunny but cool Tennessee. We made good time driving to Memphis where Madison’s grandma and his dad’s sister Nancy live. I am so glad we finally were able to make the trip out!  They live in Arlington, a beautiful suburb of Memphis (Nancy does real estate here and gave us a grand tour of the neighborhoods – the homes here are stunning!).  We were so well received and enjoyed meeting everyone – Nancy’s husband Danny and their little eleven-year old, Mary Calvert, and all the pets!  They have Sarah Holly and Zoe Grace (two super cutes dogs), three cats- Bosco, Precious, and Charleston, and a hamster, Nutmeg.  It is great being surrounded by animals again and made me miss Luna-girl!  Danny cooked for us all day, and some of Nancy and Danny’s friends came over for a delicious dinner and Pineapple cake by Olga.

We had a grand time looking through Olga’s photos of Madison and his brothers and their dad, Brian, growing up.  She has an excellent collection, and there were a lot of great stories with them! Our trip is too short – we are exploring downtown Memphis on Sunday and then driving back to Nashville so hopefully we can make the trip out here again, or we can convince them to come up and explore DC with us. =)


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