March 4 – Memphis

Touring around Beale Street in Memphis

We started our tour of Memphis with a stop at the Peabody Hotel… to see a parade of ducks. Yup. Apparently everyday since the year 1933 ducks have lived in a suite here and are marched at 11am to the lobby’s fountain, and then back to the elevators to return to their suite at 5pm.  These little guys sprinted out of the elevator and happily splashed around in the fountain – what a silly but cute tradition!

We walked around Beale Street for awhile – the now super touristy section of the city where all the Blues masters started their careers.  There were a ton of music venues, fun graffiti, barbeque joints and bars.  We met up with Madison’s former LivingSocial coworker, Dawn, and she took us to Gus‘ World Famous Fried Chicken where we enjoyed awesome spicy fried chicken for lunch. We were sooo full after!

Memphis has a lot of awesome history, especially for music lovers.  We were sad we didn’t have time to see Graceland, but you gotta save something for next time! We hit the road and headed East on I-40 to Nashville! Tennessee is one LONG state!


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