March 5 – Nashville

Jack's BBQ

When Madison and I first arrived in Nashville on Sunday night, we decided to check out the Grand Ole Opry first, which is a little ways away from downtown.  Unfortunately, there were no concerts that night, but we were happy just to see where all the Country singers perform.  Right next door is Opry Mills, a mall that was flooded last year.  We are re-opening a Johnny Rockets there at the end of the month, so I wanted to take some pictures of the construction for our blog. After, we drove into the city to check into the Renaissance Marriot where all the LivingSocial people were staying for their sales conference.  [By the way, Madison never told me that he was PRESENTING at the conference until today.  So proud!]

We tried to go to Jack’s BBQ Sunday night (I decided it was the place to try after some serious Googling) but were sad to see it was closed. We ended up walking around town for a bit, trying to decide on a place to eat.  We settled on Broadway Brewhouse, a bar with some great beer specials that wasn’t too crowded. Madison ordered a pulled pork sandwich and I, a brisket and cheese sandwich with jalapeño mayonnaise.  It was good, but NOWHERE as good as Joe and Steve Devine’s brisket. Nope!

We were walking around looking for a place to catch some live music when we ran into 109,887,999,877 LivingSocial people at Honkey Tonk Central and decided to stay there.  There was a live band playing all the pop country music songs (my type of country!) so we got to tap our feet for a bit. We had a Flat Tire (not my favorite) and talked to all the DC LivingSocial people we know for a couple hours before returning to the Marriott for some slumber. LivingSocial literally took over Nashville this week – everywhere we went Madison knew at least 3 people.

Today, while Madison was at his conference, I worked from the hotel room and then met him for lunch at…. Jack’s BBQ! Yay! It was SO GOOD.  Literally, it hit the spot.  I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, and mac n cheese – so Tennessee and so perfect.  Mmmm! Sorry – as I’m writing this, I am wishing I had some leftovers. I couldn’t decide which of their barbeque sauces to put on my sandwich and ended up doing a mix of all of them.  Gross? Nope. Delicious? Yes.

I walked around downtown for a couple hours before driving the rental car to the airport in time for my flight back to DC.  There wasn’t that much else to see downtown, but I think we needed more time in both Memphis and Nashville.  I still need to do Graceland, a concert at Grand Ole Opry, and see the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s old residence).

I had such a great trip, and we are so lucky we had this opportunity to visit two more cities this year!  We always try to take advantage of work trips, especially for new places. I loved meeting more of Madison’s family, and I hope we get to see them all again soon!


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