March 8 – Birch & Barley

Dining at the Chef's Table at Birch & Barley

We decided to eat on 14th Street, mostly because it was so warm out that we wanted to enjoy a walk before and after dinner.  We tried Estadio, and as usual the wait was over an hour.  I find it very frustrating that they don’t accept later reservations.  Instead of waiting, we wandered over to Birch & Barley which turned out to be an excellent choice. They seated us at the Chef’s Table, so we could watch our meals being prepared.  It was awesome watching the chefs do their dance around the kitchen.  For the amount of chefs, I thought the kitchen was very small, but everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing and where everything was that they needed.

If you like beer, going to Birch & Barley is a no-brainer.  They have a large beer selection, and our server, Eli, was able to make great recommendations for us. I unfortunately can not remember which one I ordered, but it was definitely right up my alley! Not too dark, malty, slightly hoppy…

So, the beer is good.  How about the food?  It’s awesome! I enjoyed Madison’s dinner the best – pork roulade with sunchokes and wheat berries.  The flavors were amazing, and I probably had one too many bites… thanks for sharing Madison!  I ordered a fig and prosciutto flat bread which was delicious, but had a little too much Gorgonzola cheese for my taste. (I’m still a blue cheese skeptic.)

And on to dessert… goat cheese cheesecake with pears and salted olive oil ice cream.  The cheesecake was so good I would have preferred to eat it alone.  I couldn’t understand the olive oil ice cream pairing, but I ate all of it, still trying to decide if I liked it while on my last bite. Still undecided!

Walking home, it was breezy but warm, and we saw several budding cherry blossom trees.  I’m guessing there will be lots of spring shots in my upcoming posts!


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