March 14 – “Le Chair” …. @HouseBeautiful made my day!

I won a chair!


This morning I was walking through Dupont Circle to cash a check when I saw people gathered around a girl sitting in a green chair. Out of the ordinary? Yes.

Turns out, the magazine House Beautiful was dropping green chairs off in various locations around DC as part of a Twitter scavenger hunt. I thought it was cool, and then carried on with my morning routine. I walked home and called Mom, sat down to check my email, and opened Twitter. Well, the first tweet I saw was House Beautiful giving the location for the next drop: 22 and Mass.  There was no hesitation – I grabbed my purse and ran down the stairs of my building, leaping onto the sidewalk.

Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t run.  I played soccer my whole life but I complained every time I had to run.  Well, I RAN over to 22 and Mass Ave (Embassy Row) and found no chair. I stood there catching my breath and noticed some other people who were clearly waiting for the same chair. I walked around to see if it was hidden, but it was nowhere to be seen.  I wondered if I just ran for nothing, but decided it was so nice out, that it was worth sitting in the sun for a bit more.  Ten minutes later, I noticed a group of people holding cameras, congregated near 21st and Mass- my inner detective told me they HAD to be with House Beautiful.  After chatting them up a bit, I walked away, keeping them in view and sure enough, after checking Twitter like a madwoman for extra clues, I looked up a few minutes later and a chair was revealed! I ran my victory lap over to the chair, and plopped down to claim my prize!

I am the lucky new owner of a light green chair designed by Lee Industries. It fits so perfectly in my bedroom – I am excited to have a new reading spot! It literally is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in.  I’m a lucky girl!  Oh, and did I mention I’m now famous? =) The woman in the photo with me is Bondi – her family began Lee Industries. The #greenmag scavenger hunt continues tomorrow, good luck everyone!


2 thoughts on “March 14 – “Le Chair” …. @HouseBeautiful made my day!

  1. Newell says:

    Lucky you! I bought that chair from Lee Industies a couple of years ago and I LOVE it. It’s a fantastically comfortable chair…reading, watching TV, falling asleep. So glad you got it. And BTW Bondi is the best!

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