March 18 – The little dog chaser

Claire in action!


How cute is this little princess!? Madison and I were so happy to be able to visit Kristen and Craig in their new house on our way home from NYC. We ate a great lunch that Kristen pulled together while waiting for Claire to wake up from her nap.  I hadn’t seen them in over a year!!

Claire is so adorable and already has such a fun personality. She runs around and laughs to herself, and when she is proud of something she does she will congratulate herself: “Good girl!”  We saw some dancing and dog chasing, and when Kristen brought out some plastic Easter eggs, she had a great time storing them in her sweater- dropping eggs as she ran around the yard.

I hope another year doesn’t go by without seeing Claire, she is growing up so fast! For those of you who don’t know, Kristen was my family’s babysitter growing up, and we stayed in touch – it is so full circle to now see her with a family of her own!


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