March 22 – An early fog

Dupont Fog


This morning I was out and about before 8 am – I know – whoa.  My destination was a coffee shop though, so it was all good.  It was kind of eerie out this morning, and a dense fog was still hovering over Dupont Circle.  It reminded me of riding the train through Austria – there was always a morning fog there.

I took this photo not only to capture the fog, but to show you a police man. For those of you who are familiar with the circle, you know it has two “layers” and drivers tend to not know which circle they need to be in. It goes without saying that as a pedestrian, you need to be very careful.  Besides confused cars, pedestrians need to watch the walk signals, because instead of being able to cross both lanes at once, there is a walk signal for the outer circle, and then you have to wait on the median for the light to change for the inner circle.  Most people do not realize this and keep walking – often dangerously close to speeding cars. So – this is a problem.

Today, police officers were on duty to help solve the problem.  They stood by the cross walk and yelled at anyone who tried to cross (even when there were no cars coming) when they had a “red hand.” It was ridiculous.  I noticed the officers right away and assessed the situation before approaching the circle.  3 officers standing around – did something bad happen? Nope.  Just yelling at pedestrians. It was hilarious to watch because people were walking to work, in the zone, no caffeine in their system, just moving on autopilot. Three people in a 20 second period tried to cross during the reign of the “red hand” and got yelled at.  While the officers were so focused on pedestrians, I saw several cars speed through red lights right next to them, but they didn’t seem to care.

Anyways, just thought it was a funny start to my day.  My suggestion as a Dupont resident (does that count for anything?) is to change the traffic light timers and let people cross the entire way all at once.  Problem solved.

Also, Madison’s friend got a ticket for jaywalking the other day (yup) which I think is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in awhile.


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