March 25 – Brunch a couple blocks from the Obamas

Sarah and Pete at the White House


This morning we dined at Hamilton’s, a new DC restaurant we’ve been meaning to try.  On our way  to brunch we stopped in front of the White House for a quick photo opp, because Pete had never seen it up close! We met Pete’s cousin Julia and her boyfriend, who live in Arlington, at the restaurant. When our food came out, we realized Sarah and I both ordered pancakes, and Madison and Pete both ordered the benedict.  =) Food was delicious, and the restaurant was huge!  It occupies the space that used to be Borders, so there were multiple rooms and levels. I will definitely be going back to try dinner.  After a brunch, (we HAD to take them to brunch – that’s “so DC”) we said goodbye to Sarah and Pete and headed home to relax.  It’s laundry day, wooo!

Mad Men premiers tonight, we’re getting excited!


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