March 28 – Mushroom Madness @WholeFoods

The Fungus is Among Us!

I was shopping at Whole Foods and thought this mushroom display was so cute! Just had to share! It was really interesting checking out new mushroom varieties.  We ended up buying some portabellos- a safe bet. =) I can’t remember the name of the ones second from the left but they were so cool looking, I wanted to buy them and just look at them.

Cute idea Whole Foods, playing off March Madness! We also got $20 off our purchase here because we tweeted at American Express – very cool use of social.


3 thoughts on “March 28 – Mushroom Madness @WholeFoods

  1. Kelly Devine says:

    They are Inoki mushrooms. The dark ones next to them are Woodear, the two in the middle I believe are wild Portobello, and Porcini, followed by Oyster mushrooms and the last basket is hard to see the color screams Chanterelle. 🙂 so fun, it made me think about Barcelona and the large market we visited.

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