April 1 – Thank you

View of the Capitol Building on a Sunday Morning Bike Ride


All good things must come to an end.  Everyone, I am very sorry to announce I will no longer be blogging for the V Life.  As you can see (I just had to catch up on 3 posts) I really don’t have time for this any more.  It is stressful trying to find time in my day to publish a post, and I really need to focus on my new business, Anchor Media. I officially started a social media consulting firm (follow along at @getanchored and http://pinterest.com/anchormedia/) and setting myself up is taking a lot of my hours outside my already heavy client schedule.

I loved sharing my adventures with you, and hope to find time in the future to do a similar blog. Until then, I will (of course) be tweeting @victoria_devine, and for those close enough to the V, please call/text!

I think this is a great post to end on (if I had to choose) because not only do I love this Spring photo, but it shows the symbol of my favorite city in the world… besides Paris. =) I had a great morning – biking to Eastern Market with Madison, trying a new Capitol Hill coffee shop, and enjoying a mid-day brunch with some great friends.

Thanks for following, and for all the comments along the way! You all are great!



3 thoughts on “April 1 – Thank you

  1. Nana says:

    Will miss your pictures, but am very happy all is going as it should for you. Thanks for the adventure, will keep up with you. Much love

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