March 31 – Mini Hiking Adventure

The boy has balance!


My camera was about to die when I took this, so I didn’t have time to mess with the settings – alas, a bleached photo.  Anyway, you can still tell that we were IN NATURE.  This is something I was not expecting when I woke up Saturday morning. We sat outside in Dupont Circle for our morning coffee, and then headed to Georgetown for a movie because it was overcast.  As we were walking, it kept getting brighter, so we decided to explore upper Georgetown.  We found ourselves heading into the park, and in the middle of a lot of greenery, removed from the city.  It was quite lovely. =)

We walked around for most of the day – such wonderful sunshine!  We did end up going to the movies, and saw 21 Jumpstreet.  It’s one of those really dumb movies that makes you laugh a lot. (Guilty)


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