Book Hill Park in Georgetown

THOUGHT YOU COULD GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY, HUH? Nah, the V Life is going to make it the whole year because I’m not a quitter. =)

This view makes Rosslyn actually look pretty. Interesting.  Well, we’re off to another busy week – I wasn’t April Foolsing you about my new company.  It’s real. I’m working on a website, so stay tuned and please follow us on Pinterest and Twitter.  I say “us” because when you incorporate, you should start portraying yourself as a business and not a person.  It feels weird referring to yourself in the plural… no one else is in my office except for the cats, and they sleep all day.

I am super excited to have my own firm though, age 24 and already running things! I like it!


2 thoughts on “April 2 – APRIL FOOLS

  1. Nana says:

    So very exciting, being your own BOSS, only if the cats allow you to. I will be a true follower as always. Best of Luck

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