April 4 – Blind Dog Cafe

Iced latte and chocolate chip cookie

My friend Corrie, who works for Google DC, invited me to a little gathering today at Blind Dog Cafe. A new coffee shop and new people? I’m in!

Emily just so happened to have the day off, so I invited her to come with me, and we enjoyed  a nice walk (in 70 degree weather) over to Florida and W  where we met up with Corrie and the staff at In the Capital, a new blog in DC.  Not only did we meet some really great people, but I’m pretty sure I found the best coffee in DC.  I’ll need to go back and try a hot coffee, but my iced latte hit the spot! They have a fantastic in house baker (Kendrick from In the Capital says she “bakes with love”) and everything on the counter looked delicious.  I tried the chocolate chip cookie and can confirm that is is amazing.

It’s too bad this place is across town – I probably won’t be able to get over there often.  Be sure that I will go out of my way for routine treats though! If you’re in the U street neighborhood, DEFINITELY stop by and try Blind Dog Cafe! They have a cute little sitting area, full of couches and comfy chairs for lounging – check out some photos of the event here: http://inthecapital.com/2012/04/04/google-dc-lunch-time-meetup-with-itc-was-a-hit-pictures/.


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