April 5 – Boqueria for DC Food Blogger Happy Hour

You're looking at dates wrapped in bacon. Need I say more?

I’m not too happy with my picture (a Droid shot, as I forgot my camera at home), but it will have to do because I need to tell you about Boqueria’s food. Being the social media geek that I am (hey- it’s my job!) I of course saw people tweeting about this DC food blogger happy hour and signed up. I invited Lauren, and we decided that since we are such big foodies we should probably start our own food blog. Stay tuned – it’s going to be big! =)

I digress. So, we show up at Boqueria, a new restaurant in town, and Lauren and I settled into a corner to catch up.  I tried their sangria which was the perfect combo of fruit and wine and Lauren ordered a sparkling white wine, which was very out of character (we are red wine girls).  Then, we noticed they have free small plates. Patatas bravas, peppers, crostini with quail eggs, and dates wrapped in bacon.  I asked Madison what type of cheese was paired with the dates and he responded: “I don’t know but it was good!”  I’m going with gorgonzola… and it melted in your mouth.  (I just checked their website and the cheese they use is Valdeon.) All in all, it was great seeing some good friends and the memories of exploring Barcelona with Aunt Kelly were with me all night.

I really want to go back and try dinner! Also, I will most definitely follow this food blogger group and join their next happy hour.  Maybe by then, Lauren and I will have a name to our future blog! Any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “April 5 – Boqueria for DC Food Blogger Happy Hour

  1. windwhisperer says:

    ok,,, so good too 🙂
    miss V, I do have same pix with *pink tree* at different hours 🙂
    19th street it’s my fav 🙂
    U can stop anytime at 1781Florida ave. ( its a beauty salon *urban escape*) just to say hi to another pinktree lover 🙂
    love U blog ,neighbor 🙂
    xxx, Josephine

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