April 7 – Sorolla to Campin

NYC Blossoms

Madison and I woke up with the sun this morning and hopped on Amtrak for a quick Easter visit. Although the DC Cherry Blossoms are past their peak, we were able to see NYC in full bloom today! Clay and Missy gave us a tour of the Conservatory Garden, where there were dozens of flowering trees and tulips.  It was a little cool out, but the sky was perfectly blue and we had sunshine all day long.

We then drove around Harlem and stopped at the Hispanic Society of America, a building full of Spanish artifacts and paintings, collected by Archer Huntington.  There was this BEAUTIFUL room with 360 degrees of paintings by Sorolla.  Titled the ‘Vision of Spain’, his paintings represent different cities in Spain.  The colors were absolutely stunning, and the people looked so real it was like we could just step into the paintings.  Next trip – Spain? =)

We continued driving north toward the Bronx and visited the Cloisters, a castle built in the 1930’s overlooking the Hudson.  All the materials were shipped in from Europe, and they not only have some great views of the surrounding area, but there are some famous pieces of art (I recognized Campin’s  Mérode Altarpiece from my art history class at AUP).

Thanks to Clay and Missy for being awesome tour guides – we always love exploring new parts of the city!


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