April 8 – Happy Easter!

Easter Hats in Rockefeller Plaza

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Cadbury eggs as much as I am! This morning we walked around 5th Avenue for a little, checking out all the outrageous Easter hats. We saw some very pretty creations, and some downright disturbing costumes (they might appear on Facebook, I haven’t decided if I should post yet). We stopped in a little Swiss chocolate store near Rockefeller Plaza, and that’s when I saw these adorable kids in their Easter outfits and hats.  How cute are they!?

Second best Easter hat I saw was made completely out of Peeps.  Cool idea to make an edible hat, but after walking through those large crowds, I really hope that lady doesn’t start snacking on them! [#germs]

We drove over to Madison’s dad’s cousin’s house in NJ for lunch where I met a huge gang of extended relatives.  They were all very nice, and the food was so wonderful! Madison and I were full our entire train-ride home (although that didn’t stop us from chewing the ears off a milk chocolate bunny he won during his cousin’s Easter Survivor Challenge we all participated in)!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Easter Sunday! Loving this sunshine!



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