April 16 – 80’s and sunny

Officially warm weather when the fountain turns on!


Mom and Gabriella hopped on the metro and explored the National Museum of the American Indian while I worked this morning.  We met in Foggy Bottom for lunch with Kristin, at Devon and Blakely, a great sandwich chain in the district. The sun was so strong, but we found a great little spot to hang out in the shady courtyard of the new apartments that went up across from the hospital.  That area has changed so much – I would have loved all those restaurants when I was a student at GW. Oh well!

The heat really zapped our energy, and we found ourselves lounging in my apartment, and shopping for the rest of the afternoon to stay cool. For dinner, we went to the Devine-favorite: Potenza.  It did not disappoint. Homemade mozzarella, Italian red wine, pizza and pastas and two amazing desserts later, we rolled out of the restaurant full and smiling.  The night air was perfect – the temperature where you don’t “feel” the air, and we decided to walk home to help us digest. Mmmmm thinking of that food makes me hungry!

On Friday night, Madison and I were walking by the Dupont Circle fountain and he asked when they would turn the fountain on. Well, the very next morning, the water was in full force again. Funny timing!


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