April 19 – Graffiato

Oh hi there rose. (Graffiato was too dark to take pictures at.)

The weather is back to beautiful sunshine! I had a very productive day, while taking time to meet Allison for lunch in Dupont Circle. After work I headed over to Iron Horse to meet some Cadmites for a drink.  In true Cadmus-style, most everyone showed up over an hour-late, by which time I was happily seated at Graffiato with the MRC for a delicious dinner. Graffiato is Mike Isabella’s restaurant in Chinatown – literally right next door to where Madison lived when I first met him.  I remember there being a fenced-in construction site then, and now, one of the best DC restaurants occupies the space.

We took some seats at the bar, right in front of the wood fire. We love watching the cooks do their job, and we were able to see our pizza rise in the oven. The food was great – fresh mozzarella, garlic soup, and a prosciutto and fontina cheese pizza with a runny egg, broken on top. The best part though, was definitely dessert – chocolate cake with salted caramel gelato. Umm, yum!



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