April 28 – “We’re out to Discover!!” -Scuttle, The Little Mermaid

Our rafting adventure

This morning we woke up and got on a bus to a harbor a little south of the resort for an excursion. LivingSocial lined up a bunch – hiking, zip lining, and snorkeling.  We chose snorkeling, and getting to the cove was an adventure in itself. There were 18 people on our raft (military style – we felt like we were storming the beaches of Normandy) with twin 150 horsepower engines. We went fast. And it was AWESOME. Talk about wind in your face! It took me 10 minutes to brush through my hair after…

The cove we were headed to was about a 45 minute ride away, and along the way we stopped to see dolphins (!) and different parts of the Hawaiian Northwest coast, which is just beautiful.  The dark lava rocks drop off into the water and with water erosion, coves and caves are formed. In the picture above, we were headed straight for the rocks, at very high speeds until we were close enough to see the water receding, then again moving in, and when a large enough swell hits the rocks, it shoots out of the rock about 40 feet high. A blow hole just like in Fools Gold! So cool!

Snorkeling was such a unique experience.  I didn’t think I would like it because you have to focus on breathing out of your mouth, but after 10 minutes, your body adjusts and it feels natural. I kicked my flippers over the side of the raft, pressed my mask to my face, held my breath and jumped into the clear blue water. Once I got my snorkel all set up I saw tons of fish and coral just feet beneath me.  Really, an extraordinary sight. The cove we were snorkeling in was stunning  – we were surrounded by a lush and green peninsula and then huge vertical cliffs.

I would like to be able to say nothing negative about the trip, but unfortunately I almost fed the fish several times. The ocean was very active and the swells were really getting to me on our trip home.  Luckily, I held it back but with my sunburn and green queasy face, you might have mistaken me for a Hawaiian take on Christmas. I recovered the second I stepped up onto the dock and spent the rest of the day finishing Hunger Games book 2.

-V on vacation

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