May 1 – Reality calls…

Umm, yumm!

So we traveled home May 1, but I figured why not post another beautiful photo from Hawaii. We drank these with our feet in the sand watching the sunset bring on a new month with new places to visit. After another brilliant fish dinner (I had fish 2x a day in Kona since it was so fresh) we reluctantly hopped on the shuttle to Kona’s outdoor airport.

Can I have a moment to vent about flying? I CAN NOT sleep on planes [note: have not yet tried ambien]. While I sat there on our red eye, with sleepy-aid melatonin pills in my system, I watched, red-eyed (damn you for your perfect name), as everyone around me slept peacefully. Not only was I sitting next to the bathroom (slamming door, bright light), but I was the back row so my seat reclined all of an inch. I almost fell asleep right after takeoff, but was startled awake when they turned on the inflight movie, Sherlock Homes, with the sound ON. Ughh. The only thing that got me through the flight was closing my eyes and picturing the photo above. Then, I knew I had no reason to complain.

We arrived in DC around 4:30pm EST (10:30am in Hawaii) and I was a mess. We forced ourselves to stay awake and go to sleep at a normal time which was not easy. I don’t think I was speaking in complete sentences, and when I went to make coffee, I forgot to add the actual coffee.

What an amazing trip, and back to reality it is for the V Life.


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