May 12 – Sun Ring

Halo around the sun

What a GORGEOUS day in our nation’s capital! After sleeping in to 11am (gasp!) I woke up to find breakfast waiting for me  – such a nice weekend treat. Madison and I walked down to GWU, stopped at Devon and Blakely for sandwiches and picnicked behind the Lincoln Memorial, reading for a bit, snoozing, and soaking up some sun. (Must. Not. Lose. Hawaii. Tan.)

At one point, there was a huge motorcade coming at us over the Memorial Bridge. We were surprised to see that they were escorting several hundred bikers!  Two other exciting things happened:

1. We saw a UFO. We were too lazy to investigate what it was after it landed, but in not knowing what this weird falling object was, it, at least for us, remains an unidentified flying object! Cross that off the bucket list!

2. Madison realized there was a circle around the sun (see above photo). Before I get too excited, is this an omen? The sky between the sun and the ring was darker than the sky outside of the circle.  When I searched sun rings, Google told me this.

On our way home we stopped at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom and bought more Humboldt cheese for a wine and cheese movie night before meeting some friends out tonight. All in all, a great Saturday!

-V is OUT.

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