May 13 – The BEST Mamma in ze World!

Mom “limbo-ing” at Rachels’ graduation


I love this picture! Not only is our camera uni-pod pretty badass, but my mom limbos in between shots. =) Now I know where I get my goofy side from! [Side note – any one else notice Gabriella in the background?]

Just wanted to take the time and say Happy Mother’s Day – I wish I could be home with you today, but I’ll see you in a week! You are the best mom I could  ever ask for, thank you so much for always being there for me and my “littles.”  XOXOXO

Also pictureD are the other Moms in the V Life – Happy Mother’s Day to Grandma and Nana as well – you both did great because Deb and Joe turned out just fine. =)

Love to all and one final message to MOM: ABSOLUTELY NO WORKING TODAY. I want to see hourly tweet pics from you with your feet up and a book or magazine in hand. That is all.



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