May 26 – Foggy Snug Harbor

Fog over the docks


This morning Baby G and I picked up Anna and drove down to Snug Harbor for a beach day.  Although the forecast was sunny skies, when we arrived, Snug Harbor looked like the photo above. We didn’t care! We found a spot away from the little kids and collapsed on our towels, enjoying the ocean breeze and smell of sunblock and salt. The sun did come out for an hour or two and we added some new tan lines and freckles.  I am so happy we squeezed a beach day in – I only went ONCE last year. That is not living up to our license plate’s name.

I do love the fog – the eerie, stillness of it. It makes me excited, just like thunderstorms.  I would love to live by the ocean and see the mist over the water int he mornings and the sunsets at night.  Anchor Media does deserve headquarters with an ocean-view.  Gotta work on that.


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