May 27 – Gaspee Days

Pawtuxet Cove

What a beautiful Sunday! The sun was out, and it got hot! Gabriella and I drove over to the Gaspee Days festival, where local artists showcase their art and jewelry.  In the past we have bought ankle bracelets, toe rings, sea glass art, and of course a few dough boys. This year we were sad to see that it was very commercial, so we didn’t buy anything. We did pick up a dough boy to snack on at home, and shared a Del’s while walking around the cove.

When we were little we would go to the Gaspee parade too, and when I wasn’t trying to grab the candy thrown at us, I was covering my ears for all the sirens and gun shots that accompanied the parade.  After re-reading that sentence I think I need to clarify – we weren’t in the ghetto – they were part of the parade. Anyways, parades aren’t my favorite thing in the world.

Gabriella and I also learned today that The Great Gatsby (coming Christmas 2012) and Gaspee are two different things (to be fair hadn’t really thought about it ever- we thought it was Gatsby Days). If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it.

It was a relaxing pool day in the afternoon – I must say my tan is coming along nicely. =)


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